Joey Burnaby – Stress Release Part 2

In Part 1 of our ode to stress relief, we visited Joey Broadway to drown our sorrows – I guess we were more stressed than we realized because we immediately made plans to visit Joey Burnaby the following night.  We started out our night with a virgin Mojito and a Really Fuzzy Navel – the Fuzzy Navel has slightly more alcohol than the Stiff Lemonade (2 oz vs. 1.25 oz).

We’ve been to Joey Burnaby before and enjoyed the dishes that we had, but I felt like trying something a bit different so I went with their version of the surf n’ turf… the Steak and Sushi ($23).  In this case, the steak is soy marinated top sirloin that’s be sliced  “tataki style”.  Just to be clear, this isn’t beef tataki – the steak is sliced but not paper thin and the beef isn’t even close to being rare.  That being said, the steak was pretty flavourful and satisfying.

While I’m a big fan of the sushi cones at Joey, the Rainbow Roll could use some work.  I enjoyed the sriracha aioli but I thought the roll wasn’t formed as well as at a Japanese sushi restaurant and the flavours were a bit muted.

The Grilled Salmon ($23.50) came presented nicely and I felt the salmon was cooked just right.

I was a little disappointed that they’ve changed their menu a bit – I really liked the Double Crown Burger that they used to carry.  Unfortunately, they only have 3 desserts on their menu and we tried all 3 the night before.  Because of this, we decided to go elsewhere for dessert and wound up with Part 3 of our journey… stay tuned.

1899 Rosser Avenue South
Burnaby, BC

Joey Burnaby on Urbanspoon

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