Tropika (Aberdeen)

Is there actually any shopping to do in Aberdeen Centre that doesn’t involve food?  Well, on this one weekend, we came by to pick up some cables from NCIX and bumped into our nephew and his friends so we decided to try out Tropika (located on the lower floor near Mei Jan Hong).

Our meal started out with a Tropical Fruit Punch and Ice Age drink – the latter of which was a frothy mixture of coconut juice and lychee slush.

The Chicken and Pork Satay ($1.30 each) comes with a yummy peanut sauce.

Roti Canai ($2.95) is starting to become one of my favourite appy dishes.  It’s not just because of the soft, fluffy, and flaky texture of the bread… it’s also the slightly spicy curry dipping sauce.

The Singapore Laksa was quite good and had a smooth and creamy spicy curry soup in addition to plenty of toppings.

Pad Thai ($13.95)

Mee Goreng ($13.95)

Pineapple Fried Rice ($14.95) served in a carved out pineapple.

My only complaint about this place is that they don’t open on time… we actually wound up calling them while we were standing outside waiting for the gate to open.  Even though they told us they were open, it took them another good 5-10 minutes before they opened their gate.

Food:  4.5 / 5
Service:  3.5 / 5

4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC

Tropika at Aberdeen 星馬印 on Urbanspoon

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