Kari House Restaurant – Malaysian Food in Steveston

There’s a ton of places to find fish and chips in Steveston but what do you do if you have a hankering for something a little different?  What about Malaysian food on the pier?  Fortunately, the one Malaysian restaurant in Steveston happens to be right on the pier (albeit a bit hidden) located near the Hog Shack.

On my first visit here, I had the Singapore Laksa but for some reason my camera picture didn’t turn out so I’ve been waiting until I returned to make this post.  I honestly don’t recall what this soup was or even if it was included in the lunch special – it was a simple chicken broth with ginger (I think).

Malaysian restaurants are known for their Roti Canai – basically a flaky bread served with a curry dipping sauce ($2.95).

The Deep Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls ($5.95 for 4 rolls) served with plum sauce were a bit average (and oily).

On my second visit, I reordered the Roti Canai but I was a bit disappointed that the roti was a little burnt in spots – I think this is a real no-no.  Perhaps they just had a bad day because on my first visit, it was perfectly fine.  In addition, it might look like there are 2 pieces of roti in the picture but I think it’s really just one piece that’s been ripped in two pieces.

Okay, here it is… the Singapore Seafood Laksa ($12.95).  Well worth the second visit – this is a large bowl of 2 kinds of noodles (rice vermicelli and egg noodle I think) in a light coconut curry soup.  While it’s not the most flavourful curry soup I’ve had, it was still good and there were plenty of seafood: 3 fresh mussels, shrimp, squid, fish, small scallops, and crunchy dried shrimp.  This is the kind of dish that can really clear out your sinuses.

This restaurant is closed on Mondays and lunchtime can get pretty busy since this is the only place to get Malaysian food in the area.

Another reason why they are so busy is because of the large number of lunch specials that they offer.

Avalable from 11am to 2:30pm, the 20 different lunch specials all come served with steamed rice and green salad (except for L01 and L02) and range from prices between $6.95 and $8.95.

The restaurant is a bit narrow (it’s split off into 2 sections) and along one of the walls is a large picture of a tropical locale that stretches the length of the establishment.

If you find yourself in Steveston (perhaps visiting the Storybrooke shops from Once Upon a Time) and you feel in the mood for something other than fish and chips, make sure you try out this little establishment.  Service can be a little slow during the busy lunch hour though so time your visit accordingly.

Food:  3.5 / 5
Service:  2.5 / 5


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