La Régalade French Bistro

I’ve been thinking about trying out La Régalade for a long time but West Vancouver is a bit far for us to travel on a regular day.  Luckily, they’ve started to open on Sundays so we came by for an early dinner.

The first thing that we noticed upon entering this bistro was all of the freshly made desserts that they had sitting on the front counter – as to entice all of the patrons to save room for dessert… well it’s a good ploy because we knew that we wanted to give the desserts a try.

The second thing that we noticed was all of the chicken tchotchkes scattered along the wall.

That’s about the same time that we noticed that there were no menus… at least, not in the traditional sense.  Instead, the restaurant had large blackboards on the wall with the menu items written on it.  Plus, the waitress brought over another blackboard to the table so we could see the menu clearer.

Before we started our dinner, we ordered an Arnold Palmer – 1/2  iced tea and 1/2 lemonade, and a Virgin Madras – cranberry/orange juice and soda ($3.95 each).

There were so many things on the menu and they all looked good – it took us a while to decide.  We knew for sure that we wanted to try the Steamed Mussels Marinieres ($16.50).  The mussels didn’t disappoint and the cream base was perfect for dipping the crusty bread into.

The Grilled Prime Rib ($29.50) comes served with roasted shallots and garlic and the most kick-ass potato wedges that I’ve had in a long time.  Who would have thought that the potatoes would have been so crispy and tasty?  The prime rib steak was cooked wonderfully to medium-rare and also came with a saucière of thick and rich gravy.

Beef Bourguignon ($26.95) is definately a dish that you should try at a French restaurant… the oh-so-tender beef was perfect in the rich gravy composed of plenty of bacon, mushrooms, and pearl onions.  This dish also came with a small side of creamy scalloped potatoes.

We figured that with all of this meat, we really needed to order a side of veggies and opted for the Ratatouille ($6.75) – isn’t this dish just gloriously colourful?

When all of the dishes started to arrive, we realized that we may have ordered too much food but we really wanted to have dessert so we decided on the Brownie and Ice Cream ($8.00).  The brownie was a lot lighter than I expected with a nice crisp exterior and the ice cream was made with real vanilla beans.

All-in-all, a superb meal and well worth a visit.

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And check out Café Régalade in Kits.

Food:  5 / 5
Service:  4 / 5

2232 Marine Drive
West Vancouver, BC

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