Chongqing Restaurant – Lunch Specials

Some people might complain that the food at Chongqing Restaurant is very westernized but I figure if the food tastes good… does it really matter?  The last time we visited the new Chongqing Restaurant on Kingsway, we were pleasantly pleased that the music that they were playing was from the eighties.  This time around, the music was a mix of new and old but pretty much the same kind of music that we normally listen to (anyone remember Way Back into Love from the Music and Lyrics movie?).

Chongqing serves a wide selection of Lunch Specials for $8.45 and each dish includes your choice of Chicken Corn Soup or Hot and Sour Soup.

The only complaint that we have with the Duck Lettuce Wrap is that the lettuce is quite thin and difficult to hold all of the juicy filling.  It’s a bit messy but that goes along with the territory when lettuce wrap is involved.

The Stir Fried Mushrooms, Snap Peas & Green Beans also comes with bamboo shoots and carrots and is served in a spicy hot and sour sauce that goes well with the rice that comes complimentary with this lunch special.

The noodles in the Seafood Chow Mein were quite crispy (just the way I like it) but I was a bit surprised that there was so much veggies and seafood in this lunch special.

Ah, fortune cookies!  Everytime I have fortune cookies, I’m reminded of the time that we had fortune cookies at an AYCE restaurant many moons ago.  It was funny because the cookie was so soft that you could literally unfold the cookie and pull out the fortune without breaking the cookie.  Fortunately, the fortune cookies at Chongqing were much better and had the predictable snap when we cracked these open.

Some of their other lunch specials includes the Green Beans and Chicken in Black Bean Sauce.

Fried Tofu with Minced Meat Sauce.

Duck Lettuce Wrap

All-in-all, some pretty tasty food, good prices, and fun music to listen to while you dine.

Chongqing Restaurant 重慶飯店 on Urbanspoon


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