The Reef (Main Street) – Caribbean Brunch

Okay, is it pronounced ka-rih-BEE-uhn or kuh-RIB-ee-uhn?  I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as the food’s good.  If you’re looking for some great tasting Caribbean-inspired fare, you only have to drop by one of two Reef locations in Vancouver to satisfy your cravings.

I started our Caribbean brunch with a Kola Champagne ($4.50) – a Jamaican cream soda.  Originally, I was going to order some Johnny Cakes but our waitress said that they were free… I’m not sure if they are always free or if it’s only free during brunch but these tasty morsels were yummy (they were serving Raspberry Johnny Cakes the day we came by).  Aside from the filling, the texture reminds me a lot like the dense, oval ox-tongue donuts that you get at Chinese pastry shops.

The special for today was a Jamaican Jerk Chicken Hash with Jalepeños – this had quite a nice kick to it.

I couldn’t resist ordering the Jamaica Me Crabby Benny ($11) – curried crab cakes topped with poached eggs, hollandaise, and fresh salsa over toasted English muffins with a side of hash browns.  I figure any dish that can make you laugh and taste this good is a winner.  While this dish isn’t spicy, you can kick it up a notch with some of the Caribbean hot sauce they provide at your table.

If you can’t afford to fly down to the Caribbean for a vacation, you can always drop by The Reef to soak up the atmosphere and drown your sorrows in some tasty jerk chicken.

4172 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

The Reef on Urbanspoon

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