The Buffet at River Rock – Unlimited Chocolate Covered Bacon

The Buffet at River Rock is a sprawling 260 seat restaurant located on the 2nd floor above the River Rock Casino in Richmond… gotta love the spiral escalator – reminds me of the one they have at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas. 

The casino was pretty busy the day we visited due to The Price is Right Live show that was going on.

There’s quite a variety of food at this buffet including an omelette station, a carving station, asian food and salads to name just a few.  Like most buffets, I feel like the salad section is a bit lacking in variety but I suppose most diners don’t come for the salad dishes.

My second plate consisted of dessert items – I’ve been to enough buffets to know that if you wait until the end of your meal, you’ll be too full to try out all of the dessets.  The mini pain au chocolat wasn’t that great but I did enjoy the mini chocolate pavlova, crème caramel, boston cream pie, carrot cake, and marshmallows covered in chocolate fondue drizzle.  Oh, and yes, that is bacon on my dessert plate (gotta get some protein in with the carbs).

Buffet tip #6 – don’t bother with the small plates that they place near the dessert station… that’s a rookie move – go grab a full-sized plate from the dinner station so you can comfortably pile more on your plate.

The Alaskan King Crab legs go quick but I was never too fond of steamed king crab legs.  If you’re looking for some excellent king crab, you’ve gotta try it prepared in a Chinese restaurant like Excelsior or Sun Sui Wah.

My previous dessert plate got me thinking… bacon – mmmm, chocolate – mmmm… why not combine the two?  So I grabbed a couple of strips of extra crispy bacon and poured some of the chocolate fondue over it.  As I was doing this at the dessert station, one of the other diners saw what I was doing and exclaimed, “Oh my god, why didn’t I think of that?  That’s awesome!”.  Of course, this inspiration to combine bacon and chocolate isn’t my own since I’ve been a fan of the Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar at Vosges for a while now.

I was a little hesitant to try the waffle – usually they are kind of soggy in buffets because they sit for too long.  I was pleasantly surprised that the waffle was still crispy and tasted great with the fruit topping and whipped cream.

There’s also a self-serve ice cream station here but it takes a little practice to dispense it properly.

8811 River Road
Richmond, BC

The Buffet @ River Rock on Urbanspoon

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  1. Hi, Is this Sunday Brunch? or dinner buffet? because I have been there once, and with no seafood at all :(.

    • It was Sunday Brunch. There wasn’t a lot of seafood but there was shrimp and king crab legs from what I recall. Also, their website says that their menu changes daily so it might not always be the same if you go again. The buffet at the casino in Tulalip has a seafood night on Tuesdays after 4:30pm

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