The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant – Granville Island Staycation

We decided to make like the many tourists in Vancouver and visit Granville Island for our version of a staycation.  One of our favourite restaurants to visit in Granville Island is The Sandbar located only a short walk away from the Market.

For our appy, we started out with the fresh Blue Shell Mussels steamed in a red cocunut curry sauce.  Make sure you save some of the complimentary freshly baked bread to dip into the sauce – the bread has the perfect combination of crusty exterior and buttery soft interior for sopping up the slightly spicy broth.

The Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps ($15 or $12 M-F between 3-6pm) was as good as they always are here.  My only complaint is that we could have used a spoon to scoop the filling and hoisin sauce into the lettuce wraps (it was a little awkward using a fork).

The Island Club ($18) combines cold shrimp and crab salad along with lettuce, tomato, and bacon.  The bacon made the sandwich slightly salty but who can resist bacon?  Plus the ciabatta bun had the perfect amount of crustiness for holding together the shrimp and crab salad.

While you can get fries with the sandwich, I opted for the salad and I have to admit that the dressing (some kind of vinaigrette I think) was perfect with just a slight tartness that wasn’t overwhelming.

1535 Johnston Street
Vancouver, BC

The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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