Save On Meats – Breakfast in the DTES

As I mentioned in my post on Acme Cafe, there are quite a few popular restaurants opening up in the Gastown/Downtown Eastside.  One of the most famous is actually a reboot of an old institution that closed down a few years ago after a 54 year stint in the same location.  Save on Meats reopened a little over a year ago bigger and better than ever.

As I walked in the dimly lit diner, I was telling myself that the DTES was not as bad as I remembered… and then five heavily-armed cops walked in and headed to the back of the diner – that’s when I started to worry a bit.  As another 2 cops entered the diner, it became more evident that they were just here to enjoy a good breakfast so my worries subsided.

Save on Meats appeals to a wide variety of patrons and I saw hipster musicians, cops, bikers, and a female construction worker while I was here (almost felt like a Village People joke should be made here).

My Orange Pekoe Tea ($2.75) was brought to me by a friendly waitress covered in tats.

I knew that when I saw the La Croquette (basically a Croque-Madame) on the menu, I had to try it out.  After all, doesn’t everything taste better with a fried egg on top?  This dish didn’t disappoint and the hash browns were perfectly crispy (unlike the ones at Tivoli’s).

They also have some pretty tasty cookies that you can pick up (including chocolate chip and chocolate chip bacon cookies).

If you’re not a breakfast person, I hear they also make a pretty mean burger (and I would really like to try the mac & cheese or the smoked turkey pot pie).

43 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC

Save On Meats on Urbanspoon

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