Powell Street Festival 2012

Quick!  The Powell Street Festival is only open for one more day!  After Sunday, you’ll have to wait another year before enjoying all of the wonderful food items at the various booths.

Not sure what The Powell Street Festival is all about?  Check out our post last year:  Powell Street Festival 2011

If you plan to drop by, the first thing that you have to do is make sure you have your priorities set.  The line ups for the popular food stalls can reach Disneyland lengths.

The Tenriko Church serves Yakisoba for $4.50 a plate and Korokke for $1.50 – the yakisoba is just okay but the deep-fried croquette is a real winner.

The Buddist Society serves up the best Corn on the Cob that I’ve had for $3 – plus the line ups usually aren’t that bad here.

Another stall that doesn’t seem too busy is Sunrise Soya – here is some pretty tasty Agedashi Tofu.

One of the food stalls with the super long line up is for the Konko Church of Vancouver.  They serve up Imagawayaki (red bean stuffed cakes) for $1.50 each.  They are so popular that they limit people to 5 per order.  One of the reasons why the line up is so long here is because they can only make 21 of these yummy cakes at a time.

Spam is celebrating it’s 75th Anniversary so how can you not try out the Spam Sushi ($3 per piece)?

The snow cones looked pretty good but the line up was epic.


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