Bob Likes Thai Food

The thing that I like about restaurants with unambiguous names is you don’t have to guess what kind of food they serve.  Take, for example, Bob Likes Thai Food on Main Street… it’s a pretty good bet that they serve Thai food.

Like Lhy Thai in Burnaby, BLTF is a small little restaurant that serves Thai food and has lunch specials.  However, BLTF seems to have a much brighter atmosphere with its’ spartan wall decorations (save for the large picture of Bob’s fork).  I’m not sure if there actually is a “Bob” but he must be a giant to use a fork that big.

We were a little confused as to why there was a bathroom sink in the dining space – guess it could have been worse – there could have been a toilet too.

We started out our lunch with some really tasty Spring Rolls ($4).  There was a good crisp to the thin wrapper and the filling was hot and filled with flavour.

Next up were two of the smallest Chicken Satay Skewers ($4.50) that we’ve seen served at a restaurant.  On the plus side, the peanut sauce was quite good.

The Pad Thai lunch special ($7.50) comes served with deep-fried wonton crisps.  The pad thai noodles were okay but all of  the shrimp in this dish were overcooked and rubbery.

The Green Curry Chicken lunch special ($7.50) was also just okay.  I was pleased that this dish was a bit spicy (unlike the one at Lhy Thai) but it seemed to be missing something in the curry.

The prices for the lunch specials were pretty reasonable although the serving sizes were on the small size.  The flavours were also good but I think they missed the mark on the execution of some dishes (Bob may like Thai food but we don’t like overcooked shrimp).

3755 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Bob Likes Thai Food on Urbanspoon


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