Sun Sui Wah (Main Street) – Peking Duck and Lobster

Truthfully, I don’t really recall why we were at Sun Sui Wah for dinner… I was just going through some partially started blog posts and noticed this one sitting in my draft folder.  Let’s see if I can piece some things together…

Okay, I know that we had Peking Duck that night.  That in itself should be reason enough for a dinner outing.  We’ve had Peking Duck at Sun Sui Wah before (see our post on King Crab 2.0).

It’s summertime now and king crab prices are much higher than they are in the spring.  I think that’s why we stuck with the Lobster with Noodles in Cream Sauce (I think this was about a 3.5 lb lobster from what I recall).

The second course of the Peking Duck was the Duck Lettuce Wrap.  I think it’s coming back to me… we were having some trouble finishing all of the food that we ordered.  Plus, they had us stuck in the back room because there was a big wedding happening this night.  I remember now that there were a number of wedding guests that showed up over an hour after the banquet started.

We rounded out our meal with some veggies… the Pea Tips with Garlic…

And a Mixed Veggies dish along with Red Bean Soup for dessert.

3888 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Sun Sui Wah 新瑞華海鮮酒家 (Main St) on Urbanspoon

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