Le Petit Saigon – Vietnamese Food Near the PNE

Le Petit Saigon is only a block and a half away from the PNE so we decided to come here instead of eating lunch at the fair this year (click here to see our post on PNE 2012 Food Fest).  We’ve been to Le Petit Saigon before during off-peak hours and enjoyed the food that we had here.  This time around, we visited closer to noon and it was packed in this tiny shop and the service clearly suffered.

For one thing, they wouldn’t let me order what I wanted from the menu.  I wanted to order the #10 special but the waitress said it was too busy for them to make it… I know… WTF?  I suppose when it’s busy, they just really want to rush the table turnover so they only make things that are quick.

Thankfully, they still let us order the Deep Fried Spring Rolls (we ordered two) – these were nice and hot and crispy.

I’m not sure what dish this soup came with but it was a very simple broth and good for cleansing your palate.

This next dish… wasn’t ours.  The waitress just came by quickly and put it down on our table.  Fortunately (for the table that ordered this dish) we hadn’t begun to dig into it yet.

What we actually ordered was #66 – the Grilled Chicken and Shredded Pork, Meat Cake with Steamed Rice.  The mysteriously named “meat cake” was a bit dry but better when using the spring roll dipping sauce.

Since I couldn’t order my #10 House Special, I went with the #54B – Grilled Beef and Shrimp over Vermicelli.

It took a while to flag someone down for our bill but they just told us to go to the cashier.  From past experience, the food here is pretty good (if they let you order it) but it’s a good idea to avoid the busy lunch crowd as the service really declines when they’re busy.

2783 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC

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  1. The wrappers on the spring rolls look a little different from those I have seen in Vietnamese restaurants.

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