Boston Pizza (Fleetwood) – Dr. Pepper Float and Bánh Mì Burger

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a Dr. Pepper – from what I remember, I used to like it but for some reason, I stopped drinking it.  Over the years, memories of its’ distinctive cherry-medicine flavour still rush to mind whenever I see it being served.

While out on a rare visit to Surrey, I noticed a large sign for a Dr. Pepper Float outside of the Boston Pizza and figured that I had to give it a shot.  The Dr. Pepper Float ($3.99) didn’t have as harsh of a cherry taste as I remember… perhaps subdued by the vanilla bean ice cream.

To go along with my float, I picked something that sounded pretty interesting… a Bánh Mì Burger ($12.99).  This was a pretty meaty burger with 1/2 pound of prime rib.  There’s no disputing that this was not a regular bánh mì (perhaps if they added some pork pâté) – still, I thought it was a very good execution.  The  zesty slaw had a slightly tart taste that mixed with the sweet Asian bbq glaze.  It was a bit sticky due to the glaze and the slaw was not as crunchy as the veggies in a traditional bánh mì but it was still a good burger nonetheless.

Due to the glaze being a bit messy, I wound up knife-and-forking it.

Service was friendly and it was pretty slow in this Boston Pizza (lunchtime mid-week).  Turns out that Boston Pizza does indeed serve more than just pizza.

15980 Fraser Hwy
Surrey, BC

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