Duffin’s Donuts – 24 Hours of Chinese Food, Tortas, Subs, and oh yeah… Donuts!

When you hear the name “Duffin’s Donuts”, the first thing that would normally come to mind is donuts… but you would be missing out on the fact that they also serve Chinese food and a vast number of sandwiches/subs.

With specialty donut shops popping up everywhere (like Cartems Donuterie in Gastown), it’s nice to know that there are a few old school donut shops that are still kicking around.

I find that Duffin’s donuts are lighter than Cartems (clockwise from the top: glazed strawberry, chocolate dipped, and powdered lemon).

The lemon filling was pretty awesome… if you like powdered donuts, this is the place to go… especially if you’re too far away from  Lee’s Donuts in Granville Island.

Duffin’s has a wide selection of donuts available to choose from and they’re open 24 hours!

But the real reason you should visit this place is the powdered Chocolate Angel donuts – stuffed with a light and devily-delectable chocolate cream.

1391 E 41st Avenue
Vancouver, BC

Duffin's Donuts on Urbanspoon


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