Original Joe’s (Vancouver)

I recall eating at a restaurant located on the 2nd floor of the South East corner of Cambie and Broadway many years ago.  I’m not quite sure but I think it was a Fogg n’ Suds location but it closed out years ago.  I’ve seen the Original Joe’s that replaced it many times as I’ve driven along Broadway but I’m not sure why we haven’t tried them out until now. 

As far as I’m aware, I don’t believe that they are related to the Joey chain of restaurants like the Joey Broadway located further up Broadway.  While I’ve heard some complaints about the service here, I thought the service was fine – perhaps because we came during lunch when they weren’t too busy.

We just decided to try a few of their appy dishes including the Calamari ($10.25).  I like how they include both tentacles and rings – I know some people are turned off by the tentacles but I like having the variety.  Plus, the red onions help to bring out the flavour.

We also picked up the Mediterranean Short Ribs ($10).  This appy could be a meal because they give you a full pound of seasoned pork ribs (along with tzatziki sauce).  The ribs were quite meaty and I found these “dry-style” ribs weren’t overly dry but they were a tad salty.  It’s quite a simple appy but very addictive.

To round out our meal, we grabbed the California Cobb ($13.50) – the cobb salad’s origin is like the salad equivalent of fried rice where a bunch of leftover ingredients gets mixed up and repurposed into a dish that tastes better than the sum of its’ parts.  The California Cobb version includes roast turkey, bacon, cheese, hard-boiled egg, avocado slices, cucumbers, and roma tomatoes on mixed greens.  There was actually way more toppings on this salad than there were actual greens but I wasn’t complaining.

The booths here have really long wooden tables and you could easily fit a large group of friends here to watch the game or to people watch out of the windows.

My only complaint was that the tables were a bit dirty and needed a good wiping down.  I think the problem was that the tables were so long, it’s difficult for the wait staff to reach all the way in to get every spill or crumb.  That being said, it’s not that difficult to just scoot into the booth and wipe down the table (especially if it’s not very busy like on our visit).

I was also a little bewildered on why they brought us a big container filled with just about every condiment known to man given our selection of food but I suppose some people like having that option.

Some of the main dishes looked pretty interesting so we’ll probably wind up coming back and giving those a try somtime.

2525 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC


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