Fortune House Seafood – Dim Sum

Dim Sum at Fortune House Seafood Restaurant can get very busy (and noisy) during weekends… especially around 11am.  That’s why when we visit, we try to come here early.  They actually open at 9am on weekends and it’s much easier to get a table and avoid the mall crowds around this time.

The Deep Fried Taro and Meat Dumplings came out hot and freshly made.  You really have to eat these while they’re hot to properly enjoy them.

The Steamed Pork Spareribs also came out piping hot.  Funny, when I was a kid, I don’t think I liked these before… strange how your tastes change over time.

The Har Gow were quite plump and juicy.

Unfortunately, the Shanghai Pork Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao) weren’t juicy at all.  I guess that’s why you should only order Xiao Long Bao from Shanghainese restaurants.  The skins were very thick and difficult to bite through.  But worse, there was absolutely no soup inside them at all.

We also ordered the Steamed Beef Rice Rolls – which were fortunately much better.

We finished off our meal with the Osmanthus Jelly with Lychee and Goji Berries.  Eating these can really put your chopstick skills to the test… too lightly and you can’t pick it up, too hard and your chopsticks will slice right through them.  Or, you could cheat and just stab them with your chopsticks.

The dessert was pretty good but I couldn’t really taste the goji berries.

It’s fortunate that we finished our meal by 10:30am because it started getting busier in the restaurant and the distinctive din of Chinese diners was starting to get on my nerves.

4700 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

Fortune House Seafood 福聯海鮮酒家 (鐵道鎮商場內) on Urbanspoon

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