Flying Beaver Bar and Grill

After a quick visit to the Ikea in Richmond, we were looking for some good lunch offerings but didn’t feel like Asian because we were just at Cattle Cafe the previous day.  I know, Richmond isn’t the best place to be if you’re looking for non-Asian restaurants but I had a place in mind.

I heard that the Flying Beaver Bar and Grill was a good place to pick up some fine grub while watching the sea planes take off.  My only problem was that I usually get lost in Richmond… especially near the airport (I find the signs can be a little misleading at times).

Anyhoo, we managed to find the Flying Beaver after only one wrong turn (not bad).  We also managed to snag one of the limited parking spaces in front of the building (note: there’s more parking across the street).

We ordered the Mussels in Coconut Red Curry Sauce ($12.95).  The bowl was full with about 2 dozen small to average sized plump mussels.  I really liked the grilled foccacia flatbread served with the mussels as they were perfect for dipping.

The Surf n’ Turf ($17.95) came with a seven ounce sirloin and eight grilled shriimp, tender scalloped potatoes and green beans.

The Halibut and Chips was $14.50 for one piece.  I’m kind of glad I only went with one piece because the mussels were very filling.  There were lots of really crispy fries and I liked how the malt vinegar had a stronger flavour than most other restaurants I’ve dined at.

We were sitting out on the patio but, despite it being summer, it was a little chilly.  Our friendly waitress turned on the outdoor heat lamps for us so that helped a bit.  It was kind of neat seeing the planes take off from Harbour Air but they were quite loud.

4760 Inglis Drive
Richmond, BC

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