Angkor Restaurant – The Other Cambodian Restaurant in Vancouver

Everyone in Vancouver knows the famous Cambodian restaurant in Vancouver (hint: Phnom Penh).  Angkor, located in a tiny non-descript strip mall on Victoria and 33rd, isn’t really a fair comparison.  

This small restaurant (there are only ten tables with fourty four seats) was empty when we arrived for dinner at 5pm and stayed that way for our entire visit.

Yes, those are hot chili peppers in the jar on the table.  Yes, I did try one.  Yes, I am a tad insane.

I had a bit of difficulty deciding what to try here.  At first, I thought I might try the luc lac beef but I wound up with the Phnom Penh Dry Egg Noodles with Seafood.  The noodles were quite toothsome in texture and came with shrimp, squid, fish balls, and fake crab sticks.  They also bring you a bowl of cooked sprouts and a lime wedge.

The Lemongrass Pork with Fried Egg is served on a large bed of rice along with some lettuce and tomato.  It was okay (how can you go wrong with a fried egg?) but not too spectacular as the pork wasn’t very tender.

We also both received a simple bowl of soup with a meaty bone providing the flavour.  My piece actually had quite a bit of meat on it (normally, I’m used to it just being a bone with slivers of meat attached).  The soup wasn’t particularly hot – it was more like luke warm temperature but there were some bits of marrow in the bone that you could dig out.

Some people have commented about the wings at Angkor being similar to Phnom Penh but I think the ones at Indochine are a closer approximation.

The Deep Fried Chicken Wings here have a thicker batter and are not as crispy as the ones at Phnom Penh.  The extra batter gives you more to bite into and is pleasing texturally if you like your wings more on the plump side.

Our meal came out to just under $25 on this night.  Remember to bring cash because they are a cash only establishment

4884 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

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