Hart House – Passion for Pork

Unbeknownst to us, we arrived to the Hart House a day before the Passion for Pork Week was supposed to start in September.  As fate would have it, they started their special pork-rific menu early and we were able to try out one of their dishes.

But first, out came the complimentary Baguette and Carrot Loaf with Butter.  Personally, I liked the baguette more than the carrot loaf (they even brought us out another basket of bread later without having to be asked).

It was a rainy day when we arrived so I felt like I needed something to warm up with.  I ordered the Tomato Dill Soup ($8.00) with olive oil drizzle.  This was a shrewd choice because it arrived piping hot and the thick tomato soup was warm and soothing to the tummy.

The Crispy Calamari ($11.00) is one of the hot appetizer items at the Hart house.  It’s served with a garlic yogurt and greens with an oregeno dressing.  The squid (both rings and tentacles) was appetizing but a bit too salty for my preferences.

The Natural Pork Tenderloin ($29.00) is one of the pork-centric dishes for their special menu.  I’m glad I chose this dish as the pork was juicy and succulent and came served with roasted shallots, apple puree and a spectacular rendition of tarragon corn bread.

If you’re a beef person, you can’t go wrong with the AAA Filet Mignon ($34.00) cooked perfectly tender to medium-rare with broccolini and asparagus.  There was also some deep fried panisse (chickpeas) sticks – it had an intriguing taste that I just couldn’t put my finger on.

We decided to finish off our grand meal with the Mango Sorbet ($7.00) which came with 3 large scoops of refreshingly cold sorbet.

Service has always been good here (check out one of our previous posts) and, if you’re lucky, you can pick up one of their Groupon discounts when they have them.

6664 Deer Lake
Burnaby, BC


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