Bel Café – Macarons at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia

David Hawkworth’s Bel Café is located in the historic Rosewood Hotel Georgia (previously just the Hotel Georgia) located directly across from the Vancouver Art Gallery (which in itself is known more for being the site of countless rallies/demonstrations instead of for the art that is actually inside the gallery).

While I haven’t eaten at Bel Café, my significant other graciously brought back a package of macarons for me… thanks sweetie!

Anyhoo, the macarons here are supposed to be $2 each but the box of 8 costed $14.29 (strange price, huh?).

From left to right in the box were the Dark Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Cassis (black currant), Pistachio, PB&J, Passion Fruit, Rose & Raspberry, and Vanilla.

At first, I thought that the flavours were quite subtle but then I noticed that it took a while for the flavours of the macarons to hit the back of the tongue and palate.  Once it did, the explosion of flavour was very noticeable for the Passion Fruit and the Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Dark Chocolate and Cookies and Cream Macarons.

Cassis and Pistachio Macarons.

PB&J and Passion Fruit Macarons

Rose and Raspberry and Vanilla Macarons.

If you can tear yourself away from whatever demonstration is going on across the street, stop by the Bel Café and pick up some deliciously delicate macarons and bring them with you as you check out the exhibits inside the Art Gallery.

801 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC

Bel Cafe

Bel Cafe on Urbanspoon

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  1. Who ever thought macaroons would be back in fashion? I remember reading about them in Enid Blyton books and wondering what on earth they were!

    • I find that the food community in Vancouver is really into trends so things come and go out of fashion quite frequently. From macarons to mac & cheese to gourmet burgers to Japanese izakayas, etc…

      I can’t complain though because before I tried them out, I never would have given a macaron another thought and would have assumed it was just like one of those hard coconut macaroons that we used to get at Christmas time.

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