Bell’s Bake Shop – Buttercream Goodness

I had originally wanted to try Outpost Mini Donut Co. out in Storybrooke, er, I mean Steveston, but they were closed (despite their facebook page saying they open at 10am everyday)… grrr!  Hate it when someone’s website has incorrect information.  Fortunately, I did have a fall back plan on this bright and sunny Saturday morning… namely Bell’s Bake Shop.

Jennifer Bell has been serving up pleasing cupcakes in scenic Steveston since December of 2010 and has some seriously delish buttercream cupcakes to offer.

I picked up a 1/2 dozen cupcakes for $15.  You can actually order a giant cupcake for $35 (about the size of 20 cupcakes) but I prefer having a bunch of different varieties.

The Carrot cupcake was one of my favourites and was very moist.  If you’re a big fan of coconut, you’ll probably like the Coconut cupcake (but it was a little too much for me).

The Rich Chocolate cupcake is topped with a smooth peanut butter buttercream frosting and some crushed Reece’s Pieces.

Now imagine that you start with a vanilla cake mixture and add chocolate cookie crumbs and bashed up cookies.  Then top the whole thing off with buttercream and roll it in chocolate cookie crumbs and place a mini cookie on top… guess what… you’ve just made a Cookies and Cream cupcake.

The Lemon cupcake is so light and fluffy and covered in a deliciously mellow lemon buttercream.  If you can’t decide between chocolate and vanilla, try out the Red Velvet cupcake which is a mix between the two.

The cupcakes here were very moist and had some of the best buttercreams that I’ve tried on a cupcake.

110 12211 First Avenue
Richmond, BC

Bell's Bake Shop on Urbanspoon

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  1. These look so nice! Would love to have seen a pic of a giant cupcake though – the size of 20 cupcakes – wowzer. I bet my son would probably eat one of those too – we call him the Hoover.

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