Tandori Indian Cuisine – Menu Pictures Can Be Deceiving

Tandori Indian Cuisine is a bright new addition to the food court at Brentwood Mall.  Initially starting back East, this franchise operation has started to open outlets in BC.

Due to the bright colours and pleasing pictures of their dishes, I think I might have been expecting too much from this outlet.  You only have to look at the perfectly plated pictures and then compare to what you actually receive and you’ll know what I mean.

I picked the $7.99 Combo 1 – Butter Chicken.  In addition to the butter chicken, you get your choice of rice or naan and 2 side dishes (pictured below is the saag spinach and masala potatoes).

The main problem with this place is the lack of depth in the food.  The butter chicken doesn’t taste like any butter chicken that I’ve had before (and that is not a compliment)… the sauce wasn’t rich enough and tasted like they didn’t even use any butter at all.  The side dishes really weren’t that special either.

The only thing that I didn’t mind so much was that the naan here seems to be fluffier and softer than some of the other places I’ve tried.  The quality of food here doesn’t seem to match up with the price – especially when you don’t get both rice and naan with your meal.

Just beware of the pictures in their menu because the food never comes out looking the same – it was almost as bad as some of those late-night bait-and-switch tv infomercials for dating websites.  If you are interested in trying out Tandori Indian Cuisine, just look for the small blinged out tandoor oven sitting on their counter.

4567 Lougheed Hwy
Burnaby,  BC


Tandori, Indian Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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