Kimura – Kimura sans Kimura-san

Kimura was widely known for their special omakase meals where the diners “leave it to the chef” to decide on the dishes.  As it turns out, I’ve heard that there was a change of ownership back in May of this year and Kimura-san is no longer at this restaurant.  In any case, I’ve never been a trusting type… so we wound up picking the dishes that we wanted to try.

The Gomaae ($3) was a simple but well executed salad with the proper amount of sauce.

Chicken Karaage ($7) – these small boneless chicken morsels had a thin breading and reminded me of chicken nuggets (only better).  I do appreciate that the size of these tasty bites makes it a lot easier to eat.

We weren’t sure which one of their special sushi rolls we wanted to try so we decided on the Vancity Roll ($12) which had shrimp tempura and crab mix topped with eggplant tempura.  I thought the roll was pretty tasty and had a bit of a kick to it but the roll was quite delicate and almost impossible to pick up without falling apart.

Since Fall has finally arrived in Vancouver and we’ve had the first significant rain in almost 4 months, we needed some hot food… the Oyako Don ($10) has always been one of my favourite types of donburies because it’s made with both chicken and eggs.

Our last dish to arrive was the Yaki Squid ($7) which is barbecued.  We were actually thinking this was going to be deep fried item but the bbq squid was pretty good and less greasy than a fried version.  You can also get the tentacles for only $4 if you’re into tentacles.

The food at Kimura is solid regardless of whether you go for omakase or order off the menu so don’t be afraid to make your own choices.

3883 Rupert Street
Vancouver, BC

Kimura on Urbanspoon

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