Teppan Kitchen

When I think of teppanyaki, I usually think back to the classic Three’s Company episode where Jack Tripper is trying to pretend (rather unsuccessfully) to be a seasoned Japanese chef.  I think Teppan Kitchen has been at Aberdeen Centre for a while but I usually get distracted by all of the other food stalls that I’ve never given it much thought… until now.

I decided to try the ‘A’ Grade Rib Eye Beef Teppan Rice combo which is a steal for only $7.50 as it comes with a free drink.

The food comes out pretty quick here because it’s still in the midst of being cooked on the hot plate.  They even wrap the hot plate with a paper guard to keep the splatter from hitting you.

As you can see, the glutton that I am added an egg to the dish for $0.75… because doesn’t everything taste better with a fried egg?

Since the food is still cooking on the hot plate, it’s important to act quickly depending on how well done you want your food.  Similar to the Korean dolsot bibimbap rice dish served in a hot stone bowl, if you leave the rice sitting for a while, it will develop a wonderful crispy texture to it.  If that’s not your thing, just remember to keep stirring the rice while it’s cooking.

The rib eye beef was wonderfully tender and I loved the crispy texture of the rice.  I like a runny yolk so I didn’t allow the egg to cook too long before I mixed it with the rest of the dish.

Although you don’t need to add any sauce, I thoroughly enjoyed drizzling some of the garlic butter sauce on top as it made everything so buttery-delicious.

With your meal, they also provide a bowl of piping hot miso soup.

If you’re wondering, the paper guard around the hot plate serves another purpose… it also has instructions on how to cook your food.

4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC


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