Paul’s Place Omelettery

I was driving along Broadway early one Saturday morning when, out of nowhere, it started hailing like it was the end of the world (well, it is 2012 after all).  I figured that I better take some refuge and fast.  Thankfully, I was near Paul’s Place Omelettery on Granville Street and that they open at 7am daily.

The interior decor of Paul’s is rather classic with white walls offset with dark tables and chairs and shades of grey throughout.  I have heard that this place can get busy in the mornings but it was thankfully fairly empty when I arrived at 8am.

With the hail still pounding down outside, I decided to order a Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream ($2.95) to warm up.

Since this is was back in October, I decided to also add a side of Oktoberfest Sausage ($2.95) to my meal.

As it turns out, I probably didn’t need to add the extra meat because the Corned Beef Hash ($9.95) had plenty of sliced corned beef mixed together with mushrooms, diced onions and tomatoes and topped with 2 poached eggs and cheese.

I know this place is called an “omelettery” but I figure that anyone can make an omelette… it takes a bit more skill to properly poach an egg.  The free run eggs here had a nice yellow-orange hue and were slightly runny (I think it was probably cooked maybe 30 seconds too long for my preferences).  Still, this was a good hash and, while the potatoes weren’t crispy on the exterior, they tasted pretty good and the dish did have some delicious crispy bits mixed in the hash.

I was sitting next to some patrons who mentioned that they knew the original Paul… I’m not sure if the food was better when Paul was around or not but I have to say that this is a solid choice if you’re looking for breakfast fare.

This little restaurant started to get busier by 8:30am as more locals started to trickle in (they close at 3:00pm).  Thankfully, by the time I left, the hail had finally let up and the morning sun was just breaking through all of the clouds.  I guess this wasn’t the end of days after all but even if it was, I was going on a full stomach.

2211 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC

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