Bon Bon Bakery – Pastries

As I mentioned on my last blog entry for Bon Bon Bakery, I mentioned their famous St. Honore cake.  While their cakes are pretty good, it’s difficult (not impossible) to polish a whole cake off by yourself.  So the next best thing is to grab a dozen of their tasty pastries for $15.

For some reason, the cashier working on the day we visited was acting a bit weird.  We had just entered the bakery and there were a few patrons ahead of us so we were taking our time looking around at the various goodies in the display case.  We were slightly distracted because our nephew had just walked in the store and we were speaking with him.  The cashier kept pestering us if we were ready to order (there wasn’t anyone else behind us so we weren’t holding anyone up) and she seemed very anxious.  Even while we were picking out the pastries, while it seemed like she was trying to rush us, she kept interrupting us and forgetting which pastries we asked for.  There were also a couple of pastries that she “accidentally touched” that she said she had to put aside and eat herself later (although I think she was only kidding).

Chocolate éclair and Napoleon pastries.

Cannoli and something that looked a lot like a rainbow cake.

Diplomat cake slice and a similar cake slice with a candied orange slice on top.

Cream puff topped with strawberry icing and a sliced log pastry covered in chocolate and stuffed with filling (and a bit of candied fruit).

Lemon tart and a hazelnut cake slice.

Chocolate Napoleon and brownie.

5807 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

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