The Buffet at the River Rock – Memphis BBQ Nights

It’s been a long, long time since we’ve been on vacation and enjoyed a true Vegas-style casino buffet.  The Buffet at the River Rock actually has theme nights and every Thursday is Memphis BBQ Nights for $24.95.

I know what you’re thinking… just how much BBQ food can  you eat?  I’m getting a bit older so I have to make smart choices when eating at a buffet.  On my first go around, I picked up a little bit of everything… from the mac and cheese, roast chicken, ribs, pulled pork, brisket, beef stroganoff, fried catfish, pasta, and various salads to offset all of the meat items.  The ribs weren’t as tender as I thought they should have been but the brisket was pretty good.  During your first go around, you should always avoid taking too much of any one item otherwise you’ll get too stuffed.

As usual, my 2nd go around focused around the dessert items and there are quite a number of choices at this buffet.  I wound up getting some donut holes, crème caramel, mango mousse, Boston cream pie, carrot cake, some kind of chocolate/banana trifle, and my own creation… chocolate covered marshmallows.

All of the heavy BBQ items really got me full so my last rotation was rather light with some fruits and veggies, fried catfish, and mac and cheese with bacon bits that I grabbed from the salad bar station.  Note to self… the bacon bits in the salad station are too crispy and hard to mix with mac and cheese… next time mix it up with some pulled pork or brisket instead.

While this can’t compare to a true Vegas casino buffet, it will have to do until we manage to find our way back to Sin City.

8811 River Road
Richmond, BC

The Buffet @ River Rock on Urbanspoon

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