Szechuan House Restaurant

After having Szechuan food at Highgate Chinese Restaurant a few weeks earlier, I was back in the mood for some more Szechuan cuisine so I dropped by Szechuan House Restaurant on Imperial for some take-out.

The Szechuan Style Fried Green Beans with Minced Pork ($11.95) weren’t too crunchy but they were tasty nonetheless.

The Stir Fried Sliced Lamb with Cumin ($13.95) had plenty of thinly sliced lamb and had a good spicy kick to it.  Cumin has a strong and distinctive earthy aroma to it but, in the beginning, I didn’t notice it too much.  After a  couple of servings, however, I was a bit overwhelmed with the cumulative effects of the cumin… my own fault really… I should have stopped after the third helping, lol.

Shanghai Chow Mein ($9.95) isn’t a spicy dish at all so it works great at moderating the spice level of the other Szechuan dishes.  It’s always good to have some type of non-spicy carb dish when eating spicy food (works great to sop up all the sauce too).

This restaurant takes cash or debit and was empty when I came by to pick up my food.  From the look of the other take-out orders waiting at the counter, they must do a brisk amount of to-go orders.  I was also a bit surprised that the guy refused my tip when I was paying.

4394 Imperial Street
Burnaby, BC

Szechuan House Restaurant (Burnaby) 巴渝菜舍 on Urbanspoon


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