Nao Sushi – BBQ Salmon Cheeks

Nao Sushi is located on the same block as Anatolia’s Gate and Highgate Chinese Restaurant in Burnaby.  Speaking of Highgate Chinese Restaurant… I was originally going to drop by for a revisit because I came down with a bad cold and was looking for some spicy food to clear up my sinuses.  However, I was discouraged when I discovered that they weren’t open at 11:30am (like the hours of operation on their door stated)… don’t you hate it when that happens?

After considering the choices, I decided to drop in to Nao Sushi down the block because I heard that miso paste has some type of beneficial bacteria in it.  Unfortunately,  I found that the miso soup at Nao was quite salty and I was unable to finish it.

I ordered the Lunch Box D special ($10.50) which came with chicken karaage, four pieces of nigri sushi, gomaae, and bbq salmon cheeks.  I was surprised to see bbq salmon cheeks offered but I suppose there is a nearby Japanese community at the Nikkei Place (see our post on Hi Genki).

The chicken karaage pieces were quite large but after biting into them, I found that they were covered in a very thick batter.  Moreover, although meaty, the pieces of chicken were a bit too dry for my preferences.

The nigri sushi (salmon, tuna, ebi, and tamago) were all right and came topped on relatively small portions of rice (so not much filler here).  The spinach gomaae and the small Japanese salad were decent and helped to cut down the oily flavours of the salmon cheeks.

Unlike nearby Fresh Box Sushi, Nao seems quite spacious inside with plenty of tables and a small sushi bar.  The food here is okay but nothing very special… if you’re looking for some better Japanese fare nearby, try out Hi Genki (much better karaage over there).

7060 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

Nao Sushi on Urbanspoon


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