White Spot (Byrne Road) – Burger Guest Stars and The Spot’s Poutine Bar

I was at another White Spot earlier this month when I saw their new Burger Guest Stars and The Spot’s Poutine Bar menu (take a look at my last review to see their Peanut Butter, Bacon & Jalepeño Bigger Burger).

I must be in a rut… my default drink of choice at White Spot nowadays is the Green Tea Tropical blend from Mighty Leaf.  It has a nice smooth flavour with a nice tropical aroma.

Is it me or is everyone getting on the “buttermilk chicken” bandwagon?  The lightly breaded chicken breast fillet in White Spot’s Baby Back Ribs & Crisp Buttermilk Chicken is not as awesome as the buttermilk chicken at Chewies.  I think the light breading leaves the chicken not as crispy as I would have liked it to be but the ribs were pretty good.

This time around, I decided to try the Crispy Fish Burger with a side of the Santa Fe Poutine.

The cod fillet was way too long to fit in the bun and I wound up with some pieces of the burger with nothing but bun and other pieces that was just fish.  I’ve had the fish and chips at White Spot before and enjoyed it but I think their regular thick batter lends itself more to regular-style fish and chips and a burger version would have been better with a thinner batter (plus more tartar sauce).

The Santa Fe Poutine was quite good with plenty of pulled pork mixed with cheese curds, gravy, and crispy fries.

I like that White Spot keeps their menu fresh by having these new menu items now and again.  There are clearly some that are keepers and others that I would probably pass on if given another shot.

7519 Market Crossing
Burnaby, BC


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  1. Hello. Thank-you for providing a review of our new Burger Guest Stars promotion. We’re happy to hear that White Spot has become your go-to destination and that you enjoy trying out our new promotional menu items. We always have something new cooking up in the kitchen so feel free to follow us on facebook at facebook/whitespot or twitter @White_Spot to learn of our upcoming promotions. Hope to serve you again soon. Your friends at White Spot.

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