Whet Kitchen.Bar.Patio

There are so many great places to dine at Granville Island… I guess it’s a good thing that we don’t live closer otherwise we’d never leave.  Whet is located near the entrance of Granville Island (where the old Sammy J Peppers used to be) across from the Kids Market.

The interior to Whet kind of reminds me of a ski lodge that you might find at Whistler with large wooden interior beams and chalkboards displaying the current selection of raw oysters and drinks instead of current mountain conditions.

I was a bit disappointed with the Pacific Sunset Smoothie ($4.50) as it wasn’t very mango-y and the yogurt was a bit too tart for my liking.  We ordered the Calamari ($12.00) which came with both rings and tentacles (yay!) and red onion slivers.

I was a bit surprised at the large portion of fish that they give you in the Cup of Chowder ($5.00).  I loved how creamy this soup was and the grilled bread had the perfect crispy crust with a soft and chewy centre – awesome for dipping in the chowder.

Despite loving a good mac and cheese, I rarely order it when dining out because it can be a hit or a miss.  So many places have different interpretations of this comfort food so it’s easy to be disappointed.  The Baked Mac & Cheese at Whet is on the expensive side ($16.00) but comes served in a hot cast iron skillet and uses aged cheddar, gruyère, and grana padano cheeses.

The dish is cheesy but not the ooey-gooey type of cheesiness that some people like.  The plentiful amount of smoked bacon and mushrooms makes up for it in my opinion and I did enjoy the light panko crust that it’s topped with.

The grilled bread that accompanied this dish might have been a bit of a filler item but I thoroughly enjoyed how crispy and chewy it was.

Lastly, we ordered up the Jambalaya and Cornbread ($19.00).  The Spanish chorizo from Oyama Sausage Company (located in Granville Island) was superb and the dish came with some large plump mussels, and prawns.

The cornbread was unbelievably soft, delicate, and fluffy.  It was a little difficult to cut and spread with butter because it crumbled so easily but it was worth the effort.

All-n-all, the food here is pretty good and there’s some interesting items on the menu.  It’s great that they get some of their ingredients from other merchants in Granville Island as they can help showcase some of their wares.  Plus, there’s a nice patio outside so this would make a good place to people-watch or take in the scenery of False Creek.

1517 Anderson Road
Vancouver, BC


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