Bacchanal Buffet (Las Vegas – Caesars Palace)

A visit to Las Vegas wouldn’t be complete without trying out one of the buffets.  Don’t let the pricetag dissuade you, compared to many of the high-end restaurants on The Strip, casino buffets tend to be a bargain… especially when you consider what you get for your buck.

IMG_20121210_152758The Bacchanal Buffet is located in Caesars Palace and covers an expansive 25,000-square feet with Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, American, seafood, pizza, deli, and desserts.

Prices vary based on the time of day and the day of the week but there are also some discounts that you can find – the standard Sunday to Thursday dinner rate is about $45.

Like most buffets, you’ll probably find it busier during the transition times as patrons try to get in at a lower rate.  For example, the dinner prices start at 3pm… if you don’t mind an early dinner, you can save a significant amount by going just before 3pm and paying the lunch price while getting the benefit of having the dinner menu items.

Since our visit was in the first week of December, Vegas was pretty slow so the lineups to get in here weren’t excessively long.  Inside the buffet, however, you could see all of the diners lining up to get to the seafood area where they were serving chilled Alaskan king crab legs and hot snow crab legs.

The number of items at Bacchanal are too large to list but suffice it to say, there’s something for everyone here.

Large plump shrimp and chilled king crab legs.


Hot snow crab legs, ceviche, seafood salad, and fried chicken.


Sushi, bbq duck, meatballs, deli meats, salads, corn, halibut, salmon, sausage, brisket, and lamb chops.


Onion rings, chicken wings, and wagyu beef sliders.


Various assorted cakes and cupcakes.


Crème caramel, key lime tarts, chocolate raspberry cake slices, and a bowl full of macarons.


Bananas Foster and hot chocolate chip cookie à la mode.


A large selection of ice cream, gelato, and sorbet that you can have on it’s own or served over any other dessert item.


Cake pops, crème brúlée, and jars filled with various pastries.





IMG_20121210_172237From my point of view, the best dish items were the fried chicken (nice crunchy skin and moist meat), halibut (large and meaty flakes of tender fish), lamb chops (perfectly cooked and juicy), large shrimp, watermelon mint gelato (light and refreshing, Aztec Chocolate (subdued chocolate flavour with a bit of a kick), and the white cake pop.

The average dishes were the beef brisket, chilled king crab legs, and hot snow crab legs.  The crab meat was nice but it isn’t my favourite way of preparing crab.  I would have loved it if they cooked up the king crab like they do in Chinese restaurants.

The dishes that I would probably pass on would be the salmon (a bit plain and dry), mac and cheese, ceviche, chicken wings (over cooked), dim sum, and the macarons.

3570 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV

Bacchanal Buffet

Bacchanal on Urbanspoon


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