Serendipity 3 (Las Vegas – Caesars Palace)

The Webster’s Dictionary defines “serendipity” as the phenomenon of finding valuable things not sought for.  Of course, Annie Edison would say describe the “Webster’s Dictionary defines…” intro as being the Jim Belushi of speech openings.  It accomplishes nothing, but everyone keeps on using it, and no one knows why.

The first, and the most famous, Serendipity 3 location is located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and is named after the three legendary princes of the island known as Serendip (so don’t expect to find a “Serendipity 1 or Serendipity 2” anywhere).


We’ve been to the Serendipity 3 in front of Caesars Palace before but now, in addition to their classic Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, they have a number different varieties in addition to two sizes available now.

On our last visit, our Frrrozen Hot Chocolate was much larger.  This time around, we mistakenly picked the regular size ($11) assuming it would be the same size as our last visit.  In reality, I think the frrrozen hot chocolate that we had before was probably the “For Two” size and would have been a better deal for the extra $4.  The smaller “regular” size was still good but if you’re looking for something that will knock your socks off, try the “For Two” size.


One of the different flavours is the Orrreo Frrrozen Hot Chocolate.  They also have a Peanut Butter, a Strawberry, and a Green Tea variety (among others).


The Crab Cake Salad ($19) is a delicious choice if you’re looking for something light and is served with a Maryland jumbo lump blue crab cake, avocado, corn and red onions and tossed with a herb vinaigrette.


The Chicken Satay Lettuce Wraps ($13) was a little difficult to eat with the chunky chicken skewers but it was tasty.


The Wild West Wings ($13) comes with 10 Buffalo chicken wings, carrots, celery, and blue cheese dipping sauce.


It’s easy to add lobster or truffle oil to mac and cheese and come up with a winner but it’s another thing to find a good straight-up plain mac and cheese that can evoke the kind of feelings that I have for the Mac and Cheese ($15) that you find at Serendipity.  Perfectly topped with a light panko crumb topping.


This was the perfect meal to have before seeing the equally awesome Shania:  Still the One concert that just kicked off in Caesars Palace.  It’s been years since we last saw Shania live in Vancouver (back at the Pacific Coliseum) and the show was entertaining moving between grand Las Vegas-style production scenes to more intimate sessions of her singing around the campfire with fans she brought on stage.

3570 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV

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