Carl’s Jr. (Las Vegas – McCarran Airport)

This is our last post on Las Vegas for a while and it’s only fitting that we end this trip at the Carl’s Jr. located at McCarran Airport.  


We picked the Original Six Dollar Burger with Crisscut Fries and a regular Mountain Dew and the Carl’s Catch.


The burger was pretty darn good for a fast food outlet… the huge charbroiled patty was quite meaty and reminded me a bit of how fast food burgers used to taste in Canada many years ago before they started skimping on ingredients.  Even the toppings were good with plenty of lettuce, thick cut tomato, onions, and sweet and crunchy bread & butter pickles.

The crisscut fries had a crunchy exterior while still being soft on the inside… but more importantly, they were fun to eat.  I made the mistake of ordering a “regular” Mountain Dew which was enormous.


The Carl’s Catch was just as impressive with 2 large crispy fish fillets.  It reminded me of how Burger King’s BK Big Fish used to be years ago before they went downhill.


Apparently, they are opening a Carl’s Jr. in Vancouver soon – if they’re as tasty as the ones down in the US, they shouldn’t have any problems finding eager customers.

5757 Wayne Newton Blvd
Las Vegas, NV

Carl's Jr. on Urbanspoon

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  1. Mmmmmm…cheeseburger, cheeseburger! Good review, i hope to give Carl’s a try once they open up a location in Vancouver area. I googled Carl’s website and so far no B.C. locatons. Then i googled ”Carl’s Jr. Canada”, and i discovered one opened in Kelowna in June 2011. A friend in Kamloops tells me there is a Carls jr under construction there…the website mention 5 B.C. restaurants to open including Vancouver but does not say when or where. I’m guessing it will open in Coquitlam or Surrey, rather then in Vancouver proper. Do you know of any grand opening dates for a metro vancouver location? Thanks, i enjoy your food blog very much.

    • Thanks for the kind words… I think the rumour was somewhere on Howe Stree downtown. There’s a facebook page saying they already opened in Chilliwack but that’s a bit far for us to go for a burger.

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