Boston Pizza (Byrne Creek) – Meatball Grinder

Tucked in the corner of the shopping complex at Marine Drive and Byrne Road is an outpost of Boston Pizza.  I’m not sure why they thought this would be a good location since it seems to be very isolated from the rest of the shops but we don’t like crowds too much so it works out perfectly for us.

In the past, we’ve tended to steer clear of Boston Pizza for lunch just because of the misguided assumption that they’re just a pizza place (and we usually tend to order pizza only for take-out).  I am glad to say that their menu has branched out a bit and we’ve found some pretty decent fare here now.

On our first visit here, we grabbed the Sunday special… The Meatball Grinder (normally $12.50) served on a perfectly crunchy toasted garlic brushed bun and loaded with meatballs, balsamic glazed red onions, roasted red peppers, mozzerella and baked with tomato dipping sauce.  I think the bun and melted cheese were the reasons why this awesome sandwich held together so well without all falling into my lap.

Despite not being very crispy, we really liked the cactus cut potatoes… if they could manage to make the centre of these thickly cut “chips” to be a bit crispier, I think they would have people knocking down their doors.

We picked a double order of plump, oven-roasted, double-baked wings ($19.75):  Thai Chili (which wasn’t too sweet or too spicy), and Mediterranean Dry Rub (which was mild in flavour).

When we ordered the bite-sized indulgence of Chocolate Brownie Addiction ($3.75), we were expecting something similar to the Chocolate Brownie Sundae at the Keg.  The Boston Pizza version isn’t as good but might appeal to kids.

Speaking of kids, it seems like this location tries to cater to families as they always seem to have animated movies running on the flat screen tvs.  I don’t mind so much the choice of viewing entertainment but I could do without the screaming kiddies.

We liked the food so much that we came back the next week to try some other dishes.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed with their Santa Fe Salad ($11.50) – it probably came with more tortilla chips than it did lettuce.  But from what I remember, salads were never Boston Pizza’s strong suit.


The Boston Cheesesteak with Cactus Cut Potatoes ($16.25) was much better and came on the same toasted bun that the Meatball Grinder is served on.  The thinly sliced roast beef is covered in cheddar and mozzarella and comes with onions, green peppers, and mushrooms along with au jus for dipping.


If you don’t mind dining with kiddies, this Boston Pizza might be a good choice… just avoid the salads.

5801 Marine Way
Burnaby, BC

Boston Pizza (Big Bend) on Urbanspoon

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