Cakeaters Edible Art – Cupcakes

It’s been a little over a year since Cakeaters opened up their little shop in Champlain Heights so I’m assuming their business is going okay.  As I mentioned on my last post, this particular location was a revolving door for different shops that have come and gone over the years so it’s nice that there’s a little stability for now.

I’ve been having some pretty long days recently at work and felt the need for a special treat so I grabbed some cupcakes after picking up some lotto tickets at the grocery store next door (note: if you’re reading this post it means I didn’t win the lotto… yet).

Cupcakes are $2.95 each and they have some interesting selections.  I picked up the After 8 Mint, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, and Red Velvet cupcakes.  All of the cupcakes were moist and delicious but my favourite was the After 8.

If you buy six or more, the cupcakes are only $2.65 each and there’s no tax.  Here are some cupcakes that we picked up on another visit:  Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl, Maple (yes, that is maple syrup drizzled over it), Chocolate Mocha, Orange, Pumpkin and After 8 Mint.

The cupcakes are quite moist and soft but if  you prefer your cupcake with a more solid texture, just put it in the fridge for a little while.

Update: We were just at Cakeaters recently and found out that business was a bit slow so they weren’t keeping cupcakes on-hand (they said to give them a call before dropping by to make sure they have some available).

Bigger Update:  As of the beginning of November 2013, Cakeaters has moved out of their Champlain Heights location and is working from home.  So make sure you call them if you want to order cakes, cupcakes, cake pops or cookies.

8180 Champlain Crescent
Vancouver, BC

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