Black Dragon Sushi

Black Dragon Sushi recently opened up in the now defunct Happy Day Metro location trading off Korean for Japanese fare.  The interior decor has also changed a bit with red bright red booth seating accenting the black marble-like tables.

We started out our meal with a Seafood Salad ($6.50).  I wasn’t too impressed by it as it seemed to lack any flavour (perhaps it’s because the dressing was served on the side).  The odd thing that I found was the inclusion of shredded cheese to the salad.

The Agadashi Tofu ($3.95) was better with the characteristic crispy skin enveloping the soft tofu inside.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sucker for a good donburi so we ordered the Oyako Don ($7.95).  It’s a pretty good value as it comes in a large bowl (we wound up having to take most of it home) and has all of the yummy ingredients that makes for a good oyako don – chicken, egg, onions, and clear potato starch noodles.

We couldn’t leave without trying their signature Black Dragon Roll ($13.95) which is made up of prawn tempura, crab, cucumber, spicy salmon and tuna, and topped off with unagi.  It’s a bit expensive but it is a “monster” of a roll and quite filling.  The use of black tobiko is a nice touch and makes for good “eyes” for the dragon.

Our last dish was the Oyster Motoyaki ($6.95).  These 2 large oyster shells were crammed full of chopped up plump oysters, corn niblets, and greens.  Actually, these reminded me a little bit like Oysters Rockefeller but with a cheesy mayo sauce instead.

Luckily for us, we received 10% off our bill due to the Grand Opening.  Most of the food is pretty decent but I’d stay away from the Seafood Salad the next time around.

109 – 5021 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

Black Dragon Sushi 龍壽司 on Urbanspoon


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