Romer’s Burger Bar (River District) – Brunch

While we’ve been to Romer’s Burger Bar on numerous occasions, we’ve never actually tried stopping by for brunch… and for the life of me, I’m not sure why.

I know Romer’s is known for their burgers but you should really try their Sea Salt and Toasted Pepper Chicken Wings ($9) – these plump and juicy wings are simply prepared with salt and pepper but they are cooked to perfection.  My only complaint is that I always wind up getting pepper stuck in my teeth afterwards.


For brunch we ordered the Rock Shrimp Benedict ($11) with applewood smoked bacon, avocado, a simple salad, and crispy potatoes.


We also picked the Deluxe Short-Rib Hash & Eggs ($12) that came served in a bowl filled with crispy potato nuggets, edamame, peppers, caramelized onions, and braised short-rib hash topped with two poached eggs that burst open to reveal gorgeously runny yolks that covered the whole dish.


So there you have it… a visit to a burger place without ordering a single burger.  If you’ve been to Romer’s before and like their burgers, make sure you try out their brunch items from 10am to 2pm on weekends and holidays.

8683 Kerr Street
Vancouver, BC

Check out our last post on Romer’s if you’re interested in trying their some of their burgers: Holiday Burger.

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  1. Mmmmm….that all looks good. I was very tempted to lick my monitor screen as i stared at these pictures you took, but i remembered the last time i did that i got a tongue full of dust. By the way, i had a burger from Romer’s on Broadway 2 years ago. For the $15 (with fries and a dip) it was really just ”MEH”. It’s nice to see tho that Romer’s also has other tasty alternatives for a pretty reasonable price. Too bad Rodeo Drive in burgers folded in Surrey years ago. They were the burger slayers of metro Vancouver.

    • It might have been the Romer’s on West 4th. I’m not sure if they’ve always been on 4th but I know they’re opening one in Yaletown now too.
      I think like most restaurants, it really comes down to what you order. I had a really good burger at Splitz in Whistler but never tried the one in Vancouver.

  2. Yes, you are correct, it was on west 4 th ave. Splitz is pretty good burger joint , i have eaten at both the whistler and main street locations about 4 times each. For a cheap, home style burger and fries, give CORNER Cafe a try -1490 Pemberton Avenue , NORTH VAN. It’s not fine dining, just a little, clean diner with character and super friendly owners/server/chef husband and wife team. Very friendly atmosphere, simple cheap good food. I believe a double cheese burger with fries is about $8.

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