Bella Pizza (Burnaby)

A number of years ago, Bella Pizza was our go-to place for pizza but it’s been a long time since we’ve ordered from here.  The thing that always had us coming back was the fresh toppings.  I think I even remember doing a marketing project on pizza places back in school and Bella was the clear winner.

The Masterpiece ($14.50 for medium) has pepperoni, back bacon, onions, mushrooms, capicollo, and green peppers.  The toppings are great but the crust needs a little work for my preferences.  I like that they don’t use those little plastic “table” thingies to keep the pizza box lid from smushing the pizza… instead they use a small ball of dough.  It accomplishes the same job without cluttering our landfill (plus, you can eat it too).

I find that the crust at Bella gets a little soggy from being inside the box.  If you bake the pizza a little bit at home, it makes it a lot better.

We also ordered up the 1/2 Rack of Rib Dinner served on top of baked lasagna with side salad and garlic bread ($18.45).  The ribs and lasagna were pretty good but the side salad was underwhelming and only came dressed with salad oil.  It kind of reminded me of the generic pre-mixed salad that you get at the grocery store.

So, definitely order the pizza and reheat the leftovers (and the round dough ball) the next day in the oven but steer clear of the salad.

4624 Imperial Street
Burnaby, BC

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  1. I consider myself a pizza expert as I literally ate pizza from everwhere at least twice a week during my 5 years at university. Hands down Bella Pizza is the most delicious with the freshest ingredients. Presently I order from their Davie Street Vancouver location all the time. I personally have no problem with the salad as I find it to be an actual healthy salad. Other salads these days may seem more delicious but are not as raw and healthy.

  2. Try a pizza sub from Bella sometime – they are really good!
    I’ve never noticed a problem with a soggy pizza crust (at Burnaby), however I always eat it at the store. If you have a long trip home, it’s likely the steam inside the box causing it to turn soggy. If you are picking it up, I wonder if cracking the box open slightly might make a difference?

    • Think it’s partly the steam but also partly from sitting in the box (the oils probably pool). It’s not a long drive home – I’ve had pizza from plenty of other places with the same average trip distance but Bella’s crust seems to suffer the most. Don’t get me wrong, pizza’s good and if I reheat it in the over, the crust gets nice and crispy… but perhaps a different box or liner would help.

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