La Régalade – French Onion Soup

We’ve been to La Régalade before and enjoyed our visit (see our previous post) but we don’t always find ourselves out in West Van too often.  Fortunately, they open for brunch (Fri, Sat, Sun @ 11:30am) so we dropped by on the weekend last November.  It was empty when we first arrived but got busier as noon approached.

First off for our meal was the complimentary Bread and Butter.  I love bread that has a really crunchy crust and this basket did not disappoint.

While I enjoy a good French Onion Soup, I often avoid ordering it because I’ve had some bad versions at different places before.  Since this was our 2nd visit, I knew I wanted to give it a try.  For $10.50, it seemed a little pricey for soup but it was well worth every last cent.  The bowl that arrived was colossal and had an awesome cheesy covering.

The broth had plenty of flavour to it and the bowl was filled to the brim with ample amounts of onions.  By far the best French Onion Soup I’ve ever had!  Just looking at the picture below reminds me of how delicious the crusty and ooey gooey cheese topping was.

We’ve ordered the Beef Bourguignon ($24.50) here before and you can’t go wrong with this stew.  I really enjoy all of the ingredients that the beef is cooked with including the mushrooms, pearl onions and bacon.

If that wasn’t enough of a seller for you, the dish also comes with creamy Scalloped Potatoes.

Even given how great the beef bourguignon dish is, the Pork Cheeks, Pumpkin, Chestnuts, and Fruit dish ($19.50) was even more delectable.  If you’ve never had pork cheeks before, you have to try it out here.  You simply won’t believe how fork-tender the meat is that you’d be surprised that it’s actually pork.

I know it might seem a little odd to have chestnuts in this dish but everything about this dish works together so well (including the use of pears and grapes).

The menu here changes quite often (they bring large chalkboard menus to each table) so if you want to try a particular dish out, make sure you go to their website and see what dish is available for the day.

Make sure you check out our post on Café Régalade in Kits.

2232 Marine Drive
West Vancouver, BC

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