Bistro Pastis – Dine Out Vancouver 2013

On the first day of Dine Out Vancouver 2013, we decided to visit Bistro Pastis.  I’ve seen this restaurant before while shopping along W 4th and always meant to try it out so I figured this was a great opportunity.

IMG_20130118_175604I’ve always thought that this was a small bistro because whenever I’ve walked by it, it seemed rather narrow.  What I didn’t realize is that the restaurant is actually fairly deep and opens up a bit in the back.

We managed to get a 6pm seating and the place was packed to the rafters.  The din from such a large crowd meant that we hardly noticed the 2 children seated in the table next to us.

Our server brought us out some complimentary crusty bread and butter.  I was a little surprised at just how much butter we were given… I mean, I like butter and all, but you probably would have to be Paula Deen to use this much butter.

Apparently, Bistro Pastis was the winner of last year’s $28 menu but we surprised to find that they actually had a $38 Dine Out menu as well.  Too bad they don’t list the $38 menu on the Dine Out website… it probably would have enticed even more people to visit.  Well, since the place was packed, I guess they didn’t need to worry about that.

Our $38 menus started off with the Smoked Salmon Tartare and Escargot appetizers.  I don’t make it a habit of eating escargot but I have to admit that these were some pretty delectable snails.


The main thing that I learned from this visit is that we’ve got to come back here and try more of their menu.  The Crab Crusted Ling Cod was served with tomato and potato purées and fennel while the Braised Veal Short Ribs was served with peas and gnocchi.  The veal was super tender and the gnocchi sublime.


The $38 menu has the same dessert options as the $28 menu and we decided on the Pear Clafoutis with caramel ice cream and the Dark Chocolate Mousse with almond biscotti.  The pear clafoutis cake was served warm and tasted rich in texture.  The mousse was presented much nicer than the one at Bistrot Bistro (which has since changed names) and had a firmer texture that I’m assuming was from being chilled beforehand.  Once you plunge your spoon in the mousse, you can see the tell-tale airy bubbles inside the mousse.


It took a little while for the food to come out on this visit but, considering how busy they were on the first night of Dine Out, it’s understandable.  The wait staff were friendly and efficiently navigating between the tightly packed tables all night.

I realize that Dine Out isn’t always a good representation of what the restaurants might normally be like, but if the food quality is this good on such a busy night, I think they definitely deserve a revisit in the future.

2153 W 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

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  1. I love to go to Bistro Pastis, especially for the deserts. I always get full in there, but I have to leave room for Half-Baked Chocolate Cake or Dark Chocolate Creme Brulee. I can definitely recommend both. Have to try the Dark Chocolate Mousse next time.

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