The Oakwood Canadian Bistro – Dine Out Vancouver 2013

Well, it looks like it’s that time of year again…  That time when restaurants get unusually busy with diners looking to get a good deal on their favourite restaurant or to try out that chic spot that they’ve been dying to visit.  This year, there seems to be more special events than ever but the big draw is always the $18, $28, and $38 tasting menus.

IMG_20130120_181513Our second Dine Out of the season was at The Oakwood Canadian Bistro – a place that I’ve been thinking of trying out for a long time.

Since we don’t live out in Kits though, we don’t find ourselves in the neighbourhood very often.

We came by on the first Sunday of Dine Out at 6pm and traffic was thankfully light.  We arrived so early that we walked around the neighbourhood a bit before going in the restaurant (no, there’s not that many shops open on a Sunday evening).

On their Dine Out menu, they listed that they had a 16oz ribeye for an additional $10 (to their regular $28 menu) but we were told that they were sold out – VanFoodies must have cleaned them out the night before 🙂  Note:  I noticed that now The Oakwood is listing the 16oz ribeye as an extra $15 charge on their Dine Out menu.  Perhaps they realized that the extra $10 charge was too good of a deal, lol!

I picked up the Poutine ($9) with house brisket, curds, and gravy to start.  The combination of the brisket and gravy made it a bit salty but that’s to be expected.  There was plenty of meat piled high onto the crispy fries and plenty of ooey gooey melted cheese curds.

For our Dine Out appies, we picked the Confit Albacore Tuna with white bean puree and garlic toast and the Smoked Cheddar and Cauliflower Soup with tomato foam and thyme croutons.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a big fan of food served in mason jars but the tuna/bean puree was pretty good and there was ample amounts to spread on the toast.  I’m not sure if  the tomato foam really added anything to the soup because I thought it was fine on it’s own… a perfectly creamy soup with crunchy thyme croutons.


As I mentioned, they told us they were out of the ribeye but that they were offering a flank steak (at no extra charge).  Along with the parsnip puree and chantrelles, I thought that the fried brussel sprouts were perfect.  I don’t think I’ve ever had them served fried before.

Sous vide (cooking in a sealed bag at a low and well regulated temperature) seems to be all the talk lately and who can really argue when you get fall-off-the-bone-tender dishes like the Lamb Shank sous vide – served with confit garlic mash, tomato nage (broth), and honey roasted carrots.


While the rest of the meal was pretty killer, I thought the desserts fell a bit short.  Perhaps it’s just my own particular preferences or maybe it’s the fact that they served them in those darn mason jars…

The Apple Crumble was almost all apple (with a plethora of gala and granny smith apples) and virtually no crumble topped off by vanilla bavarian.

I usually like Nanaimo bars so I thought I’d enjoy the Nanaimo Bar Custard with vanilla custard topped with coconut pecan ganache but I found that the clumps of coconut in the ganache were too large and distracted from the rest of the dessert.


So in summary, they’ve got some solid menu offerings aside from the desserts.  If you don’t mind the mason jars and the somewhat gimmicky molecular gastronomy *cough* tomato foam *cough*, you’ll be pretty happy here and it’s probably worth a revisit on a non-Dine Out night.

2741 West 41st Avenue
Vancouver, BC

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  1. wow did they seriously increased the surcharge to $15? That’s crazy to up the price in the middle of it.

    I also noticed that your tuna plate had only 2 pieces of toast whereas my friend WK got 3 when we went. Wonder if they decrease the portion size too…

  2. Haha It’s so funny how you have a thing against food served in mason jars! I am going to Oakwood for the last day of dineout so thanks for the post! 🙂 I already know what I should get now.

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