C Restaurant – Dine Out Vancouver 2013

The great thing about Dine Out (for both restaurants and customers) is that you get a chance to try out a number of places that you might not normally try out.

Take, for example, C Restaurant located between the Burrard and Granville Street bridges – overlooking False Creek and Granville Island.  We were fortunate enough to find free street parking nearby on our Dine Out visit.  Upon arriving, we were escorted to the 2nd level dining area, up an unnaturally steep staircase (for some reason, it reminded me of Rodney’s Oyster House).

We started our meal with the Elderflower Sparkle ($6) – an entirely refreshing drink containing elderflower cordial (which traces its roots back to ancient Roman times), cranberry juice, ruby grapefruit, and sparkling mineral water.   I was slightly worried that the drink might be too tart with the grapefruit and cranberry juice but was pleased at the way the sweetness of the cordial offset the ever so slight tartness.

They brought us out a selection of complimentary Bread and Butter with black sea salt sprinkled on top.  I didn’t want to fill up too much on bread but I couldn’t stop myself.


They actually had a number of add-ons available to enhance the regular $38 menu including a risotto course ($16 for a lobster risotto or $9.50 for a lemon and mascarpone risotto, spot prawns for an added $8, shaved white truffles for $15 per gram, black truffles for $10 per gram, foie gras, caviar, etc…).

BC Albacore Tuna with pickled shimiji mushrooms and micro cilantro on top of cucumber served with a delicately tart ponzu emulsion.  The tuna tasted clean and fresh and the cucumber added a crisp crunch but the serving size was a bit on the small side.


The Smoked Ham and Parsley Terrine was also a bit on the small side but had a nice meaty and firm texture to the terrine.  I did enjoy the frisee with the roasted lemon sauce as it was very light and refreshing.  In all honesty, I’m not sure where the egg mimosa was in this dish and the plating looked a bit haphazard.


The star of the Roasted Striploin and Braised Beef Cheek was definitely the beef cheek (hidden underneath the striploin in the picture below).  Served with roasted cauliflower florets and horseradish caramelized onion jus, the beef cheeks were buttery soft and tender beyond belief.  The striploin was okay but the dish would have been so much better if it was all beef cheek (but then I suppose the price would be a lot more too).


Pan Seared Louis Lake Steelhead with golden beets, green beans, fingerling potatoes, and mussels, in a lobster emulsion.  I’ve heard of “Lois Lake” before but not “Louis Lake” – I’m wondering if they are referring to the same place?  In either case, the trout was cooked perfectly and was very tender and velvety… and the sauce, wow!


The Orange Pannacotta had a smooth and creamy texture and reminded me a little bit of crème caramel but firmer.  Served on top of pistachio crumble (which I enjoyed) and drizzled pomegranate syrup (which didn’t really seem to impart much flavour).


The Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Ganache Tart was served with raspberry fluid gell and homemade marshmallows… I can’t explain why, but those little puffy pillows of sugar were sooo good!  At first, I was wondering where the caramel was but as soon as I cracked open the tart, the caramel sauce quickly oozed out all over the plate.  It was a bit surprising seeing the caramel so liquidy but the dark chocolate ganache tart itself was rich and quite satisfying.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a spork and, after poking myself in the mouth with the tiny prongs, I remembered why they aren’t more popular.  The consistency of the tart shell was too hard for the spoon portion of the spork to break through easily and the tiny prongs were too short to use as a fork… I wound up having a lot of trouble trying to pick up my dessert.


Service during our Dine Out meal was fine and I didn’t feel rushed even though many restaurants tend to try and pack in as many customers as possible.  Very solid food and nice selection of items to choose for Dine Out… I suppose their prices are more on the expensive side but I think it was well worth the visit.

2-1600 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC


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