Diva at the Met – Dine Out Vancouver 2013

For our last Dine Out adventure this year, we picked Diva at the Met because we had a very enjoyable time during our last visit (see our Dine Out 2012 post here).

We were fortunately seated next to the open-concept kitchen which allowed us to see them plating all of the dishes.  Service, as usual, was top notch with frequent water refills and attentive servers.  Actually, our primary waiter kind of reminded me of a secret service agent dressed up in his dark suit.

To start things off, we picked a couple of non-alcoholic beverages to quench our thirst.

The Pineapple Smash ($6) – really packed a punch despite not being alcoholic.  Despite liking this drink, I think that the strong kick would be too much for many people… it’s definitely more of a sipping drink.  Who knew that a combination of lemon, simple syrup, and pineapple/aloe water would be so sharp.

The decidedly short-named T ($5.50), was a stark contrast to the Pineapple Smash and had a more subtle, balanced flavour owing to the pear roobios, hibiscus ice tea, lime, and simple syrup.

Just like on our last visit, the bread platter came with a few varieties of bread and soft butter topped with browned butter crumble.


Our $38 Dine Out menu offering started with the appies including the Humboldt Squid served with moroccan sausage, mild poblano pepper, and olives.  The tender squid morsels were probably the best we had during this round of Dine Out.

There was a really good selection of contrasting textures with the Chicken Liver Parfait.  The crunchy preserved veggies and crisp melba toast coins paired nicely with the smooth chicken liver.


I was a little surprised at how large of a serving came with the Chicken Cordon Bleu.  Perhaps it was the addition of the smoked lentils, mushrooms, and pearl onions that made this entrée really filling but in any case, I really enjoyed this dish.

I know I just had pork belly at Q4, but I couldn’t help but order the Thai Glazed Pork Belly with spiced basmati rice, pineapple, and coconut curry sauce.  Diva really hit it on the mark with this dish… loved how they poured the curry sauce at the table and the basmati rice was crispy to my surprise.  The rolled up pineapple slices added a bit of sweetness to the meaty flavour of the pork belly and the pork belly was prepared perfectly with a nice fatty layer in the middle.


The desserts rounded out the perfect trifecta at Diva.  We had the Caramelized Stilton Cheesecake on our last visit to Diva and, contrary to what you might think, the stilton wasn’t overpowering in this dish.  It paired up nicely with the spiced port reduction and rhubarb compote.

My favourite dessert, however, was the Dark Chocolate Praline Bar.  This was both visually impressive and tasty.  Loved the crisp crunch of the praline at the bottom of the bar and the how creamy the caramelized milk semifreddo was.


Usually, Dine Out can be a bit hectic with restaurants trying to cram in as many reservations as they can.  We were fortunate that the next reservation behind us wasn’t arriving until late which meant we could relax and take our time enjoying our meal.

645 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC


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