Fraser Park Restaurant – German Breakfast and French Toast

Breakfast at Fraser Park Restaurant is still quite popular with the place packed during the peak morning hours.  We had a hankering for some potato pancakes in late November and were lucky enough to arrive before a large group of other diners.

You can’t go wrong with ordering the German Breakfast since it has a little bit of everything for under $8.  In addition to toast and potatoes, the dish comes with 3 eggs scrambled with cheese, onions, and peppers, a potato pancake, bacon, cured ham, and Anton’s handmade sausage.

The last time we visited Fraser Park Restaurant, I didn’t think the sausage was that good but on this occasion, it was much better.

The Potato Pancakes comes with huge portions of shredded potato patties and a small cup of sour cream.  The patties are quite thin but nonetheless filling.

As if our breakfast didn’t have enough carbs, we also ordered the French Toast… and I’m glad that we did.  The large slices of soft bread were dusted with powdered sugar.  Toss on a little bit of butter and syrup and these tasty morsels were devoured in no time flat.

4663 Byrne Road
Burnaby, BC

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  1. You had all our favorites!!! Especially the eggy bread!!!

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