Pearl House Restaurant – Fatty Pork Belly and Potato Croquettes

I’ve been thinking about trying out Pearl House Restaurant for quite some time but they’re closed on Wednesdays (which has usually been the days that I was free for lunch lately).  On a rare Tuesday in November, I found myself with some free time during lunch so I stopped by for a visit. 

It took me a while to decide what to try and I wound up getting the Mango Milk Tea with my combo – no bubbles, just a mildly flavoured, milky sweet drink.

My combo was the Mustard Stewed Pork with Rice.  There was a large plate with cabbage, triangular tofu, and some kind of radish item.  The tofu was nothing to write home about – the texture was quite firm… even on the inside.  There were 3 thick slices of fatty pork – 2 pieces of which were quite tender and melt in your mouth.  The thickest piece of pork, however, wasn’t as tender and I think it could have been better if they had sliced in a little bit thinner.  The texture of fatty pork can be a bit of an acquired taste for most people but I found myself continuing to think about how good the 2 thinner pieces were over the next few days.

I also ordered the Croquette with Corn which came served as thick patties with a good crunch on the outside and soft shredded potato on the inside (there actually wasn’t that much corn in the filling).  Just like the pork, I think this dish would have been better if the croquettes were thinner.  I’m sure some people would like it as-is because the potato mixture is quite filling.

Overalll, there were some hits and misses with the dishes here but the food came out quite fast (perhaps because it the restaurant was empty when I visited).  They also accept Visa (not MasterCard).

7152 Sperling Avenue
Burnaby, BC

Pearl House Restaurant 珍珠小館 on Urbanspoon

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