Kirin Seafood Restaurant (New West)

We don’t make it down to Queensborough Landing anymore due to all the traffic congestion down there but we found ourselves doing some xmas shopping around the area in late November and wound up looking for some eats at Kirin Seafood Restaurant at the casino.

Steamed BBQ Pork Buns ($3.88) – puffy pockets full of delicious bbq pork filling.

Steamed Green Onion and Chinese Donut Rice Roll ($4.98) – crunchy on the inside and velvety soft on the outside.

Steamed Prawn and Pork Topped with Flying Fish Roe ($4.78) – otherwise known as Siu Mai.

Minced Beef Balls with Tangerine Peel ($3.88) – not much tangerine peel but I liked the water chestnuts in the filling.

Deep Fried Curry Coconut Cream Duck Dumplings ($4.78) – these were interesting versions of the traditional Ham Sui Gok.

Mango Pudding ($4.78) – very tasty dessert with real mango pieces.

Dim sum can be pretty busy here during peak hours… you can always try Shang Noodle House right next door if you’re looking for something a little less refined.

350 Gifford Street
New Westminster, BC

Kirin Seafood Restaurant 麒麟海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon


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  1. Kirin is one of the best dim sum in the lower mainland – this is why they are part of may tour – I am glad you enjoyed you meal there and hope you’ll return

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