Umi Sushi Express (Richmond Centre)

For the longest time last year, they were renovating the food court at Richmond Centre – it seemed like it would never be finished.  We had made a stop by the mall just before Christmas time last year to do some last minute shopping and decided to check out their new “dining terrace”.

It was a far cry from what existed before with everything so bright and shiny.  After just having come back from our visit to Vegas, all I could think of was how the layout seemed to remind me of some of the newer food courts down in the States.

We noticed a new restaurant open up… Umi Sushi Express.  Actually, it was difficult not to notice it with the huge green sign beckoning diners to try their wares.


Umi is actually part of the Famous Wok Group of restaurants which includes Flaming Wok (which I think used to be in the Richmond Centre food court), Sizzling Wok, Famous Sushi, and Famous Cajun Grill.  It was pretty busy when we arrived and they had 2 separate line-ups: 1 for just sushi orders and 1 for the cooked items like bento boxes.  They even gave customers little beepers to tell you when your food was ready.


The Nabeyaki Udon ($8.99) was surprising really good coming from a food court.


The tempura came served on the side which kept them crispy until we were ready to dunk into our soup.  It came with fake crab stick, prawn, broccoli, and yam tempura along with deep fried chicken pieces.


The Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box ($8.49) was served with both California and prawn tempura rolls, broccoli and yam tempura, and a small salad.  I thought the chicken was actually quite tasty and at least a little different than the usual generic chicken pieces that we normally get from Japanese food court stalls.  Honestly, the sushi itself wasn’t very spectacular though.


6551 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC

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