Samz Pub (Pitt Meadows) – The Legend of the Lost Pitt Lake Gold Mine

Samz Pub recently opened up last year in the old Golden Ears Pub location in Pitt Meadows.  For those of you unaware, Pitt Meadows takes its name from the youngest British Prime Minister, William Pitt the Younger and the fact that the area is largely a flood plain next to the Pitt River (gee, I’m starting to sound like Sheldon now)… Interesting enough, William Pitt the Younger is referred to as “the Younger” to distinguish him from his father, William Pitt “the Elder”, also a former British Prime Minister.

Anyhoo, back in December, we dropped by and had some pretty appetizing pub dishes.  I’m always a little concerned with pub food because we’ve had some pretty bad experiences at various locations in the past.

First up is the Mini Yorkies ($9.99) – which contrary to what you might think, aren’t made up from Yorkshire Terriers.  They are actually mini yorkshire puddings – which also contrary to what you might think, have very little resemblance to pudding.


Instead, it’s more of a batter pudding that’s been stuffed with shaved prime rib and topped with horseradish mayo.  While I think these little poppers would have been better if the horseradish had a bigger kick to it, they were still flavourful… especially after being dunked in the au jus.


Now if you can’t decide what to order, you could always try out the Appie Sampler ($18.99) which comes with chicken wings, rib bites, steak bites, chicken strips, veggies, and pita bread.  Most of the items were okay but I think the steak bites really stood out as being flavoury and tender.


There’s some local folklore about a legendary lost gold mine located up in the Pitt River area dating back from the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush.  If you decide to go looking for it, make sure you stop by Samz Pub to pick up some grub after you’re done.

19267 Lougheed Hwy
Pitt Meadows, BC

Samz Pub on Urbanspoon


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